LED Panel Light

The LED panel light is a cutting edge, ultra slim, light source that offers solutions for a multitude of lighting applications including: architectural lighting, illuminated display, retail lighting, interiors lighting and illuminated graphics. LED panel lights can be supplied with graphics which can be applied directly to an opal diffuser attached to the face of the panel for high impact or without graphics for a simple ultra thin light source. As the LED light sheet is so thin and can be cut to a variety of shapes and sizes it opens up a whole new world of lighting opportunities.
LED panel lights are made up of thick sheet of clear acrylic with high brightness LED light strips embedded into a channel at the edge of the acrylic. To ensure the optimum distribution and output of light, the face of the acrylic is etched with a series of fine lines which refract the LED light outwards.
  • Panel RS
    Panel RS
  • Sans R
    Sans R
  • Panel Back-lit
    Panel Back-lit
  • Basic Panel Downlight
    Basic Panel Downlight
  • Hydra
  • Hydra S
    Hydra S
  • Panel SPN
    Panel SPN
  • Panel SP
    Panel SP
  • Panel SPR
    Panel SPR
  • Panel
  • Surface Panel
    Surface Panel