Mateo is an outdoor bollard designed for various outdoor lighting applications. It is constructed with a die-cast aluminum housing and features an extruded aluminum body, providing durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.
The bollard is available in two finish options: Black and Graphite. These finishes not only enhance the aesthetics of the bollard but also contribute to its ability to withstand outdoor elements.
Mateo is designed to operate within a specific temperature range. It can function in temperatures as low as -20ºC (-4ºF) and as high as +50ºC (122ºF). This temperature range ensures that the bollard remains operational in a wide range of climatic conditions, allowing it to be used in various geographical locations.


Technical Specs.

Code No. Watt Lamp Desc. Beam Angle Color Temperature Aiming
9820.12.65.30 12W LED 120ยบ 3000K Adjustable