Recessed Downlights created on module base to combine the LED light set with versatile bezel to satisfy multiple need in market. The high efficiency reflector is developed via optic programming, using very simple designed-methods allowing customers to change reflector angle easily.

  • Elara R
    Elara R
  • Elara AJ
    Elara AJ
  • Elara R-B
    Elara R-B
  • Elara AJ-B
    Elara AJ-B
  • Elara SQ
    Elara SQ
  • Elara SQJ
    Elara SQJ
  • Elara SQ-B
    Elara SQ-B
  • Elara SQJ-B
    Elara SQJ-B
  • Elara RB
    Elara RB
  • Elara RWW
    Elara RWW